Clean Roof Options

There are several ways to have a clean roof:

1. Re-roof – a very expensive option and your current roof likely has more useful life (it is estimated that 50% of roofs are replaced because of stains rather than roof life). We do NOT do; roofing, re-roofs, or roof repairs of any kind.

2. Power Wash and/or Brush Clean the roof – not a good approach since it damages the roof by breaking away the roof granules that protect the roof and provide color.


Use Our Gentle Clean / Treatment System

The treatment will not harm your roof but will get it clean and keep it clean.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’ll make your roof look as good as it can. We do not take advantage of customers who may need a new roof instead of a roof-cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance Service – We offer an annual program to treat your roof to keep it algae free. The goal is to keep your roof looking great and insure that you get the maximum life from your roof.