Our Roof Cleanup Process

Your roof can look like new again!

Every homeowner in your neighborhood faces the never ending problem of bacterial growth accumulating on their roof. It starts out as a small patch that will go unnoticed at first. However, over time the spores spread and begin feeding off the organic material embedded within the shingles. The crushed limestone that is used as a weight additive during production is a natural food source for the bacteria. The most common growth appears as a “Black Streak” which leaves your roof looking UGLY!

Environmentally Safe

We can safely and effectively correct this common issue using our professional wash system. Our service restores your shingles to look as good as they can, preventing premature damage and extending the lifespan of your roof. Our service is 100% safe.

We use scientifically proven and proprietary cleaning agents that safely loosen the organisms causing the roof stains. Our high volume and low pressure rinsing system is safe and effective on any type of shingle including wood, slate, concrete, etc. Our process will not damage nearby vegetation and will not contaminate local water. As the final step our professionals apply an inhibitor that keeps your roof clean for 12-months or longer!